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Independent Oven Cleaning Business owner establishing in Newcastle region and central coast. Oven Star is Quickly building a very good reputation for cleaning your Oven to look like new again. Mahdi is an artist who enjoys drawing live portraits of people. Mahdi’s preferred medium is charcoal and oil paint. So for Mahdi cleaning your oven is like doing art work!!! He has an eye for detail. Commitment for making the ovens look as good as new is just like doing an amazing artwork which should impress people. This is happening every time we clean ovens and BBQs and our cleaning business staff make sure every customer has a real smile on their faces when we leave them. It is Oven Star’s commitment to have the happiest customers.

Another commitment we have is to offer discount straight away after we see the oven or BBQ is not a challenge. Also we always give discount when customers ask for more than one job. We try to keep our prices down to make it affordable for everyone who needs their oven or BBQ cleaned professionally. There is always  a high chance of paying less. All the prices are available in our website page Ovenstar Prices to make sure you know the fees simply by a click.

Being punctual and respectful in our cleaning business is another important commitment we have. First of all we make sure we are on time as you expect us to arrive on the time we agree. We then cover the kitchen floor around the oven as well as the floor around the BBQ with towels in order to avoid any mess on your floor. A genuine smile which comes form our deep heart is what we always have for our customers. Our clients deserve the best service with the friendliest staff. Having the happiest cutomers we believe is not achievable only with doing a superb job but also with giving the clients respect and a genuine smile.


Oven Star has public liability insurance.

Before / After Smeg Oven

Posted by Oven Star on Thursday, February 11, 2016