Cleaning FAQs| common questions about cleaning ovens

How long cleaning oven takes?

It usually takes around 2 hours though depending on the oven condition

it maybe shorter or longer

Is it done onsite?

Yes we have a hot tank at car and we dismantle the oven and or BBQ and take

the parts to hot tank

Is it alright to use oven or BBQ straight away?

Yes we use Non toxic, Non coastic products. You can use your oven or BBQ

straight away

What are the advantages of a clean oven?

Less energy will be consumed so the oven will work more efficiently.

The oven will be more hygienic and the food cooks better and it will be tastier.

A clean oven will need less maintenance.

The ventilation system and fan will work better in a clean oven.

A clean oven door allows you to see your food while it is cooking

and it prevents you from continuously opening the door  which delays

the cooking process with the loss of heat.

There will be less smoke and fumes in a clean oven which is desirable for a healthy

kitchen as kitchen is one of the most important rooms to maintain hygiene.

Where does Oven Star operate?

Oven Star operates in whole Newcastle and its neighbouring region including

Port Stephens, Hunter Valley, and Central Coast

Does Oven Star clean self-cleaning ovens?

Yes we do clean self-cleaning ovens. The common problem with self-cleaning

ovens is that they can not reach the temperature expected on the process of

self cleaning. The main reason is the oven needs a heavy thermal insulation

before the self-cleaning process for your oven begins. Also self-cleaning ovens usually

have more burnt grease behind the side and back plates(around the fan) as

well as the heating element in the ceiling. Oven Star dismantles the oven parts and dips

them in hot tanks to give your oven new life.