Some common reasons people spend big money to buy a new oven


  1. Normal oven cleaning cant get rid of all stains on racks, trays,

body and door of oven. So people think it is impossible to have the look

of their oven as good as new.





  1. Smoke rising from the heating element, fan and ceiling of the oven.

Usually there is a build up of fat and grease behind the back plate, on the

fan and Ceiling of the ovens. A hard layer of fat on the ceiling of the oven

can simply cause alot of smoke every time the oven is hot. Only a

professional oven clean can gaurantee a spotless surface for all parts of

an oven. No matter how hard and unreachable the fats are in an oven, a

profesional dismantling and cleaning of an oven gets rid of all the dirt to

ensure a %100 clean oven.


  1. The oven Seal is worn out and the oven cant keep the heat in properly. So

    the food doesnt get cooked well and also this affects the time and quality

    of cooking. Changing the seal is inexpensive.

  1. poor ventilation caused by fat and grime affects the cooking quality.

Food often gets cooked unevenly because of poor ventilation. When the holes of the back plate and the fan is covered with fat, the heat cant be equally distributed in an even rate   around the food. In addition the greasy rough surfaces of a dirty oven affect the distribution of air. Hot air gets distributed properly with an oven with clean surfaces.

Differences between normal oven cleaning and professional oven cleaning

aFirst of all it is important to know a professional oven cleaning is not possible without having a Hot Tank
In professional oven cleaning, an oven gets dismantled which means:
1. Door, side plates, back plate and ceiling come off
2. All the plates and racks get heated and soaked in hot tank
3. Fan behind the back plate and around it gets cleaned
4. No stains will be left on the body of the oven nor the racks and plates

In normal oven cleaning :
1. There is no way to get rid of all the stains because there is no Hot Tank
2. The cleaner usually doesnt have the right tool to dismantle the back plate
3. Fan and lots of greese behind the back plate wont be cleaned
4. Ceiling which is a challenging part will be left dirty as the cleaner doesnt have the right tool, products and skill.
5. The cleaner may scratch the inside and outside body of the oven as they dont have the right tools
6. The wrong chemicals usually change the colour of racks and trays
7. The normal oven cleaner is caustic and can leave a nasty smell that usually needs to be cooked off before using the oven.
In professional oven cleaning, there will be no stain left on any part of the oven in and out. This means there will be no germs left for the oven. Also it means less electricity will be consumed as the heat of oven will only be heating the food not the grimes. In addition, there will be no smoke from those grimes and fat left behind the plates or ceiling. Food gets cooked better and therfore, it will taste better. You can also use your oven straight after it is cleaned as professional oven cleaning uses non toxi-non caustic harmless products.
Another advantage of professional oven cleaning is that there will be not much difference between a brand new oven and professionally cleaned oven. So people who choose professional oven cleaning, will not need to think about buying a new oven anymore.
After all maintaining a professionally cleaned oven is like maintaining a brand new oven. In fact it
Gives people a second chance to keep their oven in good condition and clean.
In professional oven cleaning we dont say your oven will look almost new. We say your oven will
definitely look like a brand new one.
So, you can clearly see there is so much more advantages in getting an oven properly cleaned. Even in terms of saving money a professional oven cleaning saves you far more money in the long run than a normal oven.

Before / After Smeg Oven

Posted by Oven Star on Thursday, February 11, 2016

Oven Clean Newcastle

Newcastle New Year Oven Cleaning

Oven Clean NewcastleIn New year we always try to clean our houses. Kitchen is one of the most important spaces we need to clean. A new year cleaning of a kitchen becomes perfect definitely after a professional oven cleaning is done. Cooking and baking in a real clean oven has different advantages. The oven cooks better and food will taste better. No smoke and fume arises from a detailed clean oven as the body of the oven including ceiling, back plate, and bottom plate get thoroughly cleaned. Cooking in a clean kitchen with friends and family in Christmas is more enjoyable. Cleaning ovens after the professional cleaning we provide for ovens will be much easier as we get rid of all the hard stains which in a normal oven clean they do not get disappeared. Oven Star is getting promoted occasionally in Newcastle Herald Newspaper as there are many people in Newcastle who do not know professional oven cleaning exist. To contact us simply fill a form which exist in every page of this website or give us a call on 0412844731.

Oven Clean Newcastle


Give your oven a Merry Christmas make over

Get your oven clean and ready for Christmas. It will be more desirable cooking in a clean oven

for you . If your oven door’s glass is covered by grease then why not let us make the glass look as

good as new. Your clean oven will be working more efficiently and your Christmas dinner will be

tasting more delicious. Or start the new year fresh with a clean oven.

Do you have those hard black spots on your hobs and stove tops?

Have you been trying to get rid of those very hard stains and spots from built up grease & grime? We can make them disappear for you using our advanced  cleaning techniques. Our Oven Cleaning business achieves the highest results.

We  take the stove tops and hobs to our hot tank and use the high quality stainless steel polish to make your stove tops shine again just like new.

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